Hitting the Reset Button: Hydropower’s Vision for Growth

The U.S. Department of Energy’s newly released report, Hydropower Vision: A New Chapter for America’s 1st Renewable Electricity Source, projects that hydropower can grow by 50 GW of capacity by 2050. Reaching this target would power millions more homes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by billions of metric tons, all while more than doubling the nation’s energy storage. This first-of-its kind analysis demonstrates that hydropower’s growth potential real and tangible. 

In Congress, we are close making this a reality. The energy bill (Energy Policy Modernization Act S. 2012), which contains provisions to bring the process into the 21st century, is currently being debated by a Congressional Conference Committee. However, to get this bill signed into law we need your voice. We encourage you to reach out to your member of Congress and encourage them to unlockhydro.

As a nation, we have a clear choice to make about our clean energy future. Will we stand still or unlock hydropower’s potential?