Senate Passes Energy Bill to UnlockHydro

With the nation searching for clean energy solutions, the Senate overwhelmingly passed an energy bill to UnlockHydro. The Energy Policy Modernization Act (S. 2012) contains bipartisan hydropower licensing provisions designed to make the process more timely, coherent and collaborative. Currently, it can take up to a decade or more to permit the nation’s largest source of renewable electricity.  Click here to read bill provisions

Without question, policymakers and clean energy advocates are recognizing hydropower's value, its growth potential and the role it can play in fighting climate change. Bringing predictability and coordination to the licensing process is good public policy that will help the nation to further reduce its carbon footprint.

While today’s passage is a significant step forward, we still need to work to ensure the final legislation signed by the President breaks the status quo that is stifling investment in existing hydropower projects and new development.

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