#UnlockHydro is a campaign of the National Hydropower Association. Like most Americans, we believe that hydropower holds great promise to expand its contributions to the nation’s diverse renewable energy mix.

Despite hydropower’s immense growth potential, investment into new development, such as adding clean energy generation to existing dams that serve other functions, is severely handicapped by an outdated licensing process, which lacks coordination between federal and state agencies, resulting in duplicative reviews, conflicting priorities, and deferred decision-making that delays real environmental improvements. As a result, the licensing process can exceed a decade or more to conclude.

Modernizing the licensing process can support our nation's goals to reduce emissions and fight climate change. As an industry, we believe that making improvements to the licensing process can and should be accomplished in a responsible and balanced manner that protects and preserves natural resources and environmental values — yet will allow us as a nation to choose more renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.


We need your help.

Contact your congressman and tell them to support legislation to #UnlockHydro.